Project Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe

This project is being financed from the resources of the Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms ( and has been conceptualized by Joep Leerssen (UvA).

The encyclopedia is estimated to run to 1.350.000 words (2200 pages large octavo, double-column). It consists of three main parts, preceded by an Introduction and followed by a section of Tables. It covers the spread of Romantic Nationalism in Europe in the long nineteenth  century, with some attention to the pre-1789 run-up and the post-1918 impact.

Romantic nationalism is foregrounded

  • as an autonomous force in European nation-building (not as a side effect of political or social developments);
  • as a transnational process with influences and initiatives spreading from country to country;
  • as a multi-media process spreading from one cultural field to another. 

National and international authors specialized in nationalism studies and in the nineteenth-century history of various cultural fields and institutions as well as experts in the nineteenth-century history of the various regions ofEuropehave been enlisted as advisors and/or contributors.