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2 Phd Vacancies in the History of Science at the University of Leuven: Brazilian and Indian Scientific Societies and the Globalization of Science (1930-1990) (DL: 4 July 2022)

For the Cultural History since 1750 Research Group at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven, Belgium), we are looking for two doctoral students who will investigate the regulatory role of scientific societies within the scholarly community in respectively Brazil and (British) India. Both candidates will examine how scientific societies have acted as gatekeepers in a globalizing scientific landscape between ca. 1930 and ca. 1990 by simultaneously opening up and limiting access to (sub)groups (e.g. female scholars). The research will be supervised by prof. dr. Joris Vandendriessche, prof. dr. Kaat Wils and prof. dr. Idesbald Goddeeris. Each candidate will write a doctoral dissertation. The research group Cultural History since 1750 at the University of Leuven focuses on the history of knowledge and science, historiography and historical culture, cultural infrastructure and cultural transfers, by considering the various shapes and meanings of scientific and cultural practices. Within the history of science and knowledge, its members pay attention to the production, circulation and cultural meanings of knowledge and science in the public domain. They explore themes such as the formation of disciplines, scientific identities, the popularisation of science, science policy, visual culture and the role of gender and corporeality in the history of science and knowledge.