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PhD Defence Carlotta Capurro (UU)

PhD Defence Christoph van den Belt (VU)

Sixth Annual Symposium Unhinging the National Framework: What’s New? Topical Work in Transitional Lifewriting – 3 December

Valedictory Lecture Wyger Velema – 9 December

PhD Defence Larissa Schulte Nordholt (LU)

Call: Johan Huizinga Fellowship for historical research – DL: 10 January

CfP: Soapbox Journal: 4.0 Interface – DL: 5 December

CfP: MNL Fellowship 2021 – DL: 15 December

Symposium Huizinga Research Network Utopia and Social Dreaming: ‘Entangles Utopias in Asia and Europe in the Long 20th Century’- 1 December 2021

Call for proposals: Organise your own Huizinga Institute Masterclass, Workshop, or Seminar (ReMa/PhD level)