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Call Summer School Re/Making: Ecologies of Care in Art and Cultural Heritage, RUG, 7-12 July 2024 – DL: 20 April 2024

Re/Making focuses on sustainable approaches to production, handling and exhibition of artworks and cultural artifacts. The summer school examines the comprehensive integration of ecological considerations into curatorial work and the conservation of cultural heritage. Together we will consider the various relationships between art and ecology and the diverse methods through which artworks can be conceptualized and cared for in environmentally compatible ways.

Welcoming lectures and workshops from internationally esteemed researchers and practitioners, this week-long programme offers essential expertise for future curators, conservators, architects and artists. Invited speakers include Kendra Greendeer (Oklahoma State University), Alice Creischer and Andreas Siekmann (The Potosí Principle), Melissa Conn (Save Venice), Gunnar Behrens (Archimedes Exhibitions), Kees Kuitenbrouwer (Zoönomic Institute), Judith Spijksma (Fries Museum), and Fabiola Bierhoff (Groninger Museum) among others.

The price of the programme is €250 (incl. materials and lunch) or €600 (incl. accommodation). Those interested can apply for the summer school via the website by 20 April 2024, for non-EU participants please apply by 1 April 2024.