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Come discuss the curriculum of the Huizinga Institute!

Dear PhD and ReMa members of the Huizinga Institute,

Now that the Huizinga Institute has found a new home in Utrecht, it is time to consider how recent developments within the discipline of cultural history should shape the Institute’s educational programme. To keep up with the needs of the 21st century researcher, the Institute plans to implement structural changes to the teaching programme in the coming years.

But what are the needs of the next generation of cultural historians? More than ever, Huizinga’s board and programme team are open to suggestions for the content and setup of the curriculum. As PhD/ReMA Council, we would like your views on your ideal training programme.

For that purpose, we are organising a meeting on Thursday April 18th where we will introduce preliminary ideas about the future curriculum and underlying key issues.

This is a unique opportunity the share your views and help shape both your own education and that of future historians! What should the skill set of the 21st century cultural historian look like? Should the training of competencies like international research collaboration or the generation of social impact be part of the core curriculum? What are your expectations of the Huizinga Institute? How do you see your own position as young researcher in the institute?

We hope to spark a fruitful discussion among peers about what it means to be a young researcher in the field of cultural history in the Netherlands and what we expect from the Huizinga Institute. Since this intergenerational get-together of Huizinga researchers is a great occasion for more informal conversation on our lives and careers, we will conclude the afternoon with (free!) drinks.

When: Thursday April 18th, 15.30-17.00
Where: Drift 23, room 212

To give us an idea of how many of you will join, please RSVP (

We hope to see many of you in Utrecht on April 18th!

The PhD/ReMA Council

Nathanje Dijkstra
David van Oeveren
Bob Pierik
Marleen Reichgelt
Didi van Trijp
Jon Verriet