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ICOG Expert meeting ‘Forms of knowledge: The ‘Cognitive Turn’ and the Middle Ages’ – 14 May 2021

On the crossroad of psychology, biology, sociology, anthropology, medicine and the wide variety of disciplines in the Humanities, there is an increasing interest in the cognitive sciences and how knowledge from this area influences literary studies, history, art history, and studies in material culture. This meeting seeks to discuss the possibilities, but also the limitations of incorporating knowledge systems from different academic fields.

14 mei 2021 – 10:00-14:00 – more information and registration here

Programme (all hours according to Dutch time)

10.00-10:15 Introduction and Welcome by Catrien Santing and Babette Hellemans

10.15-10.35 Emotions: Knights and Neurons, by Frank Brandsma

10.35-10.45 respondent Babette Hellemans

10.45-11.00 coffee break

11.00-11.45 ’Not shaped or formed as other letters are’: 4E Cognition and Methodologies for Medievalists, by Victoria Blud

11.45-12.00 respondent Sebastian Sobecki

12.00-12.30 lunch break

12.30-12.50 Holding the Digital Medieval Manuscript: Experience and Embodiment, by Suzette van Haaren

12.50-13.00 respondent Catrien Santing

13.00-14.00 discussion, conclusions, and follow-up plans