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Inaugural lecture Monika Baár (Leiden University) – ‘Disabling the Iron Curtain’

Disabling the Iron Curtain
An Alternative Perspective on (Central) Europe

14 December 2018
16:00 – 17:00
Academiegebouw Leiden (Rapenburg 73)

The Iron Curtain has become one of the most powerful and persistent metaphors in European historiography. But is it also an accurate notion? Huizinga member Monika Baár will argue in her inaugural lecture that time has come to go beyond Cold War binaries and biases. By taking as its vantage point the history of an understudies group – persons with disabilities – it will propose an alternative way for studying postwar European history. Revisiting the Iron Curtain through this new lens, the lecture will reveal that often what connected people across both sides of the Iron Curtain was way more significant than what divided them.

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