Organising a Huizinga masterclass or workshop

Also for Research Master students and PhD candidates!

Masterclasses and workshops

The Huizinga Institute offers several masterclasses and workshops each year. These are usually half day to one day activities that focus on a specific theme. The masterclasses and workshops are aimed at Research Master students and PhD candidates (ca. 10-15 participants per activity).

Masterclasses or workshops may be organised by ReMa students and PhD candidates themselves or by senior Huizinga members. We always welcome proposals and have funding available for selected plans.

Proposed activities may take on different forms, such as a research seminar with (international) experts or a more practice-oriented workshop in the (work)field, and may be aimed at any subdiscipline in the broad cultural historical field.

Download the application form here.

For ReMa students and PhD candidates: How do I organise a Huizinga masterclass or workshop?

Do you miss anything in Huizinga’s curriculum? Is there a theme that deserves more attention, a skill you want to develop, or a senior researcher that you’ve always wanted to invite? Don’t hesitate and make use of the opportunities we offer, whether you are first-year ReMa student or a PhD candidate in your final year. We offer practical assistance, funding, and a national platform in Cultural History. Student organisers will receive ECTS credits for their activities as organisers.

If you have something in mind, please contact Huizinga coordinator Annelien Krul ( She is happy to discuss options and answer any questions. Not sure how to get started? This checklist might be of use.

The next step is to submit your proposal. We can fill out the application form together. If you don’t need assistance in this phase, you may of course send in the filled out application form directly to, after which we will contact you.

Your proposal will be reviewed by the Huizinga Institute’s Programme Team, and after approval we can start planning.

Examples and experience experts

Some recent examples of Huizinga masterclasses and activities can be found below:

All above mentioned activities are (co-)organised by PhD candidates. Are you interested in talking to an experience expert? Huizinga-members Marleen Reichgelt (Masterclass Falola) and Jon Verriet (Workshop Rigney) are happy to answer your questions.