Call for papers – Trajecta Congress 2019

This first Trajecta Congress wants to gather historians of religion focusing on the Low Countries from the 19th century onwards and challenge them to question and discuss their methods, theories, topics and future perspectives. The congress aims to establish a platform to reflect on the various visions on and missions of the history of reli­gion, and to shape and refine the interdisciplinary and interconfes­sional historical dialogue.

Symposium – Gender & Emoties

Op vrijdag 9 november 2018 vindt aan de Universiteit Gent het symposium ‘Gender en Emoties. Historische perspectieven’ plaats. Ter gelegenheid van de najaarseditie van Historica, tijdschrift voor gendergeschiedenis, presenteren vijf sprekers hun onderzoek in sociale, culturele en politieke geschiedenis van gender en emoties.

Call for papers – Foreign Eyes on the Republic

What images did the Dutch evoke during the long eighteenth century? By examining both the international importance of the Republic as well as the development and dissemination of European stereotypes about the Dutch, such as cleanliness or frugality, this conference aims to overlap and juxtapose a plethora of perspectives on the eighteenth-century Northern Netherlands.

Call for papers – LUCAS 2019 Graduate Conference ‘Animals: Theory, Practice, Representation’

On April 4th and 5th, 2019, Leiden University Centre for Arts in Society (LUCAS) will be hosting a conference, called ‘Animals: Theory, Practice, and Representation’. This graduate conference is an international and interdisciplinary platform where PhD and master students can present, exchange, and discuss research results and innovative theoretical insights with participants from diverse backgrounds.

Summer School Helsinki – Introduction to Conceptual History

The course, held from 7 until 23 August, will introduce the main aspects of the theory and methodology of conceptual analysis by discussing the work of scholars such as Reinhart Koselleck, Quentin Skinner, J. G. A. Pocock, Michel Foucault, Pierre Rosanvallon and Dipesh Chakrabarty. It welcomes PhD and advanced Master’s degree students from a range of academic disciplines.

International Summer School Pisa – Early Modern Representations of the Body and its Changing Matter

The Centre for the Study of Medicine and the Body in the Renaissance (CSMBR) in cooperation with Fondazione Comel–Institutio Santoriana, University of Padua and Studio Firmano for the History of Medicine and Science is pleased to announce an International Summer School The Kiln, the Alembic, and the Clockwork Early Modern Representations of the Body and its Changing Matter […]