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RMA Thematic course ‘Popular Culture and History’ (5 ECTS)

Dates & time: April/May 2021
Venue: Utrecht University
Open to: RMa Students who are a member of a Dutch Graduate Research School (onderzoekschool) and PhD candidates. RMa Students who are members of the Huizinga Institute will have first access until 1 December 2020.
Credits: 5 ECTS
Coordinator: Rachel Gillett (UU), Jochen Hung (UU)
Registrations will open late September. Maximum number of participants in this event: 25

Popular Culture and History

Popular culture is one of the defining features of human experience in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. This seminar presents rich and challenging popular culture resources and is open to students from a variety of disciplines. The seminar focuses on Europe and North America although it invites students and guest scholars to consider European developments in transnational perspective and acknowledge the globalizing force of popular culture.

 This seminar takes an innovative pedagogical approach using guided discussions with scholarly experts to demonstrate how to analyze the most dominant popular culture media and genres of the twentieth century. Students will join Dr Hung and Dr Gillett along with guest scholars including Prof. Dr Marjet Derks, Prof Laurent Dubois, Dr Rebecca Harrison, and Dr Dan Hassler-Forest in a masterclass format. We engage with key works by these scholars and then meet with them to discuss the theories and methods central to the study of popular culture. The class will therefore examine the theoretical and methodological challenges associated with mass consumption, agency, intention and reception that resonate across very distinct genres and subfields in the study of popular culture.

Credits & Certificate

Certificates of participation and credits will be issued after the event. The event coordinators will decide whether the participant has fulfilled all requirements for the ECTS. Note: the certificate itself is not valid as ECTS, you need to validate it yourself at your local Graduate School.