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Sixth Annual Symposium Unhinging the National Framework: What’s New? Topical Work in Transitional Lifewriting – 3 December


Sixth Annual Symposium organized by Unhinging the National Framework: Platform for the Study of Transnational Life Writing 

Date: 3 December 2021
Time: 09.30-17.00
Location: Campus Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Atrium Medical Faculty
Van der Boechorstraat 7 (first floor)

Registration: Free of charge, but please register before Tuesday, 30 November 2021:


Conny Braam, former Dutch anti-apartheid activist; writer of biographies, historical novels, travelogues, short stories. Interview about her recent work on Hendrik Witbooi (2016) and Jakob Witbooi (2020).
Interviewer: Dr. Barbara Henkes, Groningen University


Hermine Haman, PhD-candidate Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam: “Reconstructing the life and work of Eddy Bruma, Surinamese lawyer, author, politician”
Response: Dr. Lonneke Geerlings, independent researcher


Dr. Margriet van der Heijden, physicist, journalist and author of Denken is verrukkelijk: Het leven van Tatiana Afanassjewa en Paul Ehrenfest (2021): “A vibrant household and cosmopolitan oasis in ‘rainy’ Leiden”
Response: Dr. Abel Streefland, Delft University of Technology


Prof. dr. Kees Ribbens, NIOD, Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies: “Selling the Dutch WWII narrative abroad. Mapping the transnational republication of war stories”
Response: Dr. Marijke Huisman, Utrecht University


Prof. dr. Ugur Üngör, NIOD, Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies: “The Syria Oral History Project: A Transnational Perspective”
Response: Dr. Ernestine Hoegen, independent researcher


Dr. Suze Zijlstra, independent researcher, author of De Voormoeders: Een verborgen Nederlands-Indische Familiegeschiedenis (2021): “Raising Eurasian children under Dutch rule in eighteenth-century Makassar”
Response: Dr. Eveline Buchheim, NIOD, Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies


Research pitch
Four Dutch queens in a time of nation building (1774-1934)

Dr. Alpita de Jong, independent researcher, biographer of Wilhelmina van Pruisen (1774-1837)
Dr. Petra van Langen, independent researcher, biographer of Anna Paulowna (1795-1865)
Dr. Leonieke Vermeer, Groningen University, biographer of Sophie van Wurtemberg (1818-1877)
Dr. Monica Soeting, independent researcher, biographer of Emma van Waldeck-Pyrmont (1858-1934)


Utrecht-based bookshop Savannah Bay