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The Huizinga ReMa/PhD-council is looking for new members

Dear all,
We have to announce the sad fact that two of the PhD-representatives are leaving the ReMa/PhD-council. Didi van Trijp and Bob Pierik will leave after years of service, to make place for a next generation of PhD representatives. We are therefore looking for two new PhD-members for the Huizinga ReMa/PhD-council.
The council represents all Huizinga PhDs and ReMA students and forms both an official and unofficial link between the program team and the board of directors on the one hand and the PhD/ReMA community on the other. Tasks of the PhD/ReMA-representatives include, but are not restricted to: attending the program team meetings where the yearly curriculum is designed and decided upon, giving advice on future courses, conducting a yearly survey, organizing our own events, and keeping an eye on the communication between the Huizinga Institute and the PhD/ReMA-candidates.
If you are interested or have questions about the function, please drop us an e-mail (, so we can inform you of the procedure. Let us know if you are interested before the 26th of January, so we can select new candidates before the 1st of February.
Best regards,
The Huizinga ReMA-PhD-council