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“Things That Matter. Materials and Culture in/for the Digital Age” – Groningen-Uppsala-Durham International Summer School in Medieval and Early Modern Studies.

“Things that Matter” addresses the tension between the materiality of sources and their digitization.  The Summer School maps the possibilities and challenges posed by the digital age for researchers, curators and the public. We discuss the changing nature of objects such as books and scientific instruments as source materials – what distinguishes an original from its digital copy and does it matter?  What challenges are involved in the practice of collections and collecting through digitization, both technologically, environmentally and intellectually? How do virtual collections and exhibitions influence user experiences and expectations?  What collections are digitized and why those? Who makes the selections? How do we meet scientific demands on systematic design and transparency when working on online search engines and on differing (and sometimes incompatible) designs of databases?

The Summer School brings together experts from both academia and the cultural heritage sector. Over the course of one week of intensive teaching, they will deliver lectures, lead seminars and hands-on sessions in libraries and museums, and supervise student-led projects and presentations.

Find all course information here. Registration deadline: 31 March 2024