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Research Master Students
Each Research Master student at an Arts or Humanities Faculty will have to obtain at least 10 ECTS for courses taken at one or more research schools. At the beginning of your Research Master, you choose one of the LOGOS national research schools to be registered with.

Should the Huizinga Institute meet your research interests best, your local graduate school or Research Master coordinator will take care of the registration. Would you like to register as a member of the Huizinga Institute, but you don’t know who to contact at your university? Please contact our office, we are happy to help.

Once you have been registered as a member of the Huizinga Institute, you can take courses at our research school as well as at any other LOGOS research school for free. Huizinga Institute members do have first access to our courses.

PhD Candidates
At the start of your PhD project in the humanities, you are asked to choose one national research school to be registered with. PhD members of the Huizinga Institute will follow our core curriculum and become part of our active cultural-historical community.

Your local graduate school or promotor will contact us to register you, after which you will receive a confirmation of your Huizinga Institute membership.

External PhD candidates
For external PhD candidates, a reduced membership fee of € 500,- applies. Memberships last for the duration of a PhD project. Contact the Huizinga Institute office for more information.

Senior members
Senior members are affiliated with one of the Huizinga Institute’s partner institutions, hold a PhD and are active within the broad discipline of cultural history. To become a member, please send an email to