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Huizinga Instituut

Netherlands Research School for Cultural History
The Huizinga Institute is the Dutch National Research School for Cultural History. We provide interuniversity education for PhD candidates and RMA students, and serve as a national forum for the discipline.

Cultural History News & Calls

Researchvideo: Marleen Reichgelt (PhD RU) onderzoekt de ervaringen van kinderen binnen de missie in Nieuw-Guinea

Het Huizinga Instituut bestaat 25 jaar en viert feest! In deze zesdelige serie wordt de verscheidenheid aan cultuurhistorisch onderzoek uitgelicht. Marleen Reichgelt, promovendus aan de… read more

‘Oral history in tijden van social distancing. Ervaringen en reflectie’ – 20 November 2020

De Huizinga Instituut Werkgroep Oral History organiseert een online bijeenkomst getiteld Oral history in tijden van social distancing. Ervaringen en reflectie. Het delen van praktijkervaringen,… read more

The Huizinga Institute Alumni Guide 1995-2020

We proudly present The Huizinga Instituut Alumni Guide 1995-2020, produced on the occasion the silver jubilee of the Huizinga Institute. As an anniversary gift, each… read more

A Lively Conversation with Lyndal Roper By Surekha Davies and Rachel Gillett

What does the German Peasants’ War have to do with cycling? How might climbing a ladder to examine monsters on maps raise larger questions about… read more

PhD defence Frederique Demeijer (VU) – 16 December 2020

Over apostolisch-zijn gesproken… Op woensdag 16 december om 11:45 uur verdedigt Frederique Demeijer haar proefschrift getiteld Over apostolisch-zijn gesproken… in de aula van de Vrije… read more

Upcoming HI Courses & Events

The Sensory Archive: Reading, transcribing, and preparing Early Modern manuscript recipes

Dr Marieke Hendriksen, HuC KNAW

RMA Thematic course: ‘Gender, Sexuality and Generation: history van geslacht op geslacht’

Prof. Geertje Mak, UvA

Cultural Historian’s Toolbox (PhD Core Course 2): ‘Wetenschappelijk Recenseren’

Prof. Floris Cohen, Utrecht University

RMA Thematic course ‘Key Concepts in Cultural History’

Dr Willemijn Ruberg, Utrecht University

Huizinga Winter School: ‘Doing digital history. Critical approaches to your data

Dr Norah Karrouche, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Dr Maarten van Dijck, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Propose an activity

Each year, the curriculum of the Huizinga Institute is enriched with several masterclasses and workshops. The Huizinga Institute relies on the input of its members – senior members, RMA students and PhD candidates – for designing and organising these events. We always welcome proposals and have funding available for selected plans. Proposed activities may take on different forms, such as a research seminar with (international) experts or a more practice-oriented workshop in the (work)field, and may be aimed at any subdiscipline in the broad cultural historical field.