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Huizinga Instituut

Netherlands Research School for Cultural History
The Huizinga Institute is the Dutch National Research School for Cultural History. We provide interuniversity education for PhD candidates and RMA students, and serve as a national forum for the discipline.

Cultural History News & Calls

Online conference ‘Revolutionary cosmopolitanism. Transnational migration and political activism, 1815-1848′ – 22 January 2021

In the 1820s and 1830s, several waves of revolution went through the Atlantic world, culminating into the 1848 ‘springtime of the peoples’ in large parts… read more

“Women and the History of International Thinking” – Online Public lecture by Glenda Sluga (The University of Sydney/European University Institute) – 2 February 2021

Over the last few decades, historians have reshaped the spatial and conceptual contours of intellectual history.  In particular, the prospect of a global intellectual history… read more

Valedictory Lecture Prof. Maria Grever (Erasmus University Rotterdam) – Friday 19 February 2021

De rector magnificus van de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam maakt bekend dat Prof.dr. M.C.R. (Maria) Grever, Hoogleraar bij de Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication… read more

Online workshop ‘Faith in Jest: Humour and Religion in the Early Modern World’ – 15-16 January 2021

On 15 and 16 January the online workshop on the correlation between humour and religion in early modern Europe will take place. In recent decades,… read more

Call: Dr H. Enno van Gelder lezing en onderzoeksbeurs 2021 – DL: 31 January 2021

Met de H.E. van Gelder Onderzoeksbeurs wordt beoogd interdisciplinair onderzoek naar munten, bankbiljetten en penningen van een impuls te voorzien. De beurs heeft een waarde… read more

Upcoming HI Courses & Events

Cultural Historian’s Toolbox (PhD Core Course 2): Oral History and Memory Culture

Dr Barbara Henkes, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Dr Susan Hogervorst, Open Universiteit/Erasmus University Rotterdam
Dr Dienke Hondius, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

PhD Core Course 1: Positioning and designing your research

Prof. Harald Hendrix, Utrecht University

Workshop ‘National Identities From Below’ (Maatschappij der Nederlandsche Letterkunde/Huizinga Institute)

Dr Anne Petterson, Radboud University

Cultural Historian’s Toolbox (PhD Core Course 2): Digital Text Analysis – icw Huygens Institute and OSL

Prof. Karina van Dalen-Oskam, UvA/Huygens ING

PhD Core Course 3: Huizinga PhD Conference at Dominicanenklooster Huissen

Propose an activity

Each year, the curriculum of the Huizinga Institute is enriched with several masterclasses and workshops. The Huizinga Institute relies on the input of its members – senior members, RMA students and PhD candidates – for designing and organising these events. We always welcome proposals and have funding available for selected plans. Proposed activities may take on different forms, such as a research seminar with (international) experts or a more practice-oriented workshop in the (work)field, and may be aimed at any subdiscipline in the broad cultural historical field.