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Huizinga Instituut

Netherlands Research School for Cultural History
The Huizinga Institute is the Dutch National Research School for Cultural History. We provide interuniversity education for PhD candidates and RMA students, and serve as a national forum for the discipline.

Cultural History Agenda & Calls

Call for Posters: Dag van de Emotiegeschiedenis – een stand van zaken/The history of emotions in the Low Countries – a state of the art meeting. 7 October 2022 (DL: 15 August 2022)

[English below] De dag van de emotiegeschiedenis: een stand van zaken 7 oktober 2022, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen Download de call for posters hier (deadline: 15… read more

Huizinga Instituut @ Historicidagen 2022

Van 25-27 augustus 2022 vinden in Rotterdam de Historicidagen 2022 plaats. Het thema is ‘Grenzeloze geschiedenis’. Het Huizinga Instituut is ook deze editie weer aanwezig.… read more

Jaarcongres Werkgroepen 17e & 18e Eeuw: ‘Emoties in conflict’ – 26 August 2022

Dat de Lage Landen van de vroegmoderne tijd te maken hadden met politieke en religieuze conflicten is ruimschoots bekend. Minder aandacht is er voor conflicten… read more


Curriculum 2022-2023 online

With the summer approaching, it’s time to announce our 2022-2023 curriculum! A broad range of Cultural History courses, schools, workshops and masterclasses for PhD candidates… read more

Call: Organise a Huizinga Institute activity (e.g. masterclass, workshop) on ReMa/PhD level. DL: 1 October 2022

The Huizinga Institute offers Research Master students and PhD candidates, as well as senior members, the opportunity to organise a masterclass, workshop, or other activity… read more

Expo open: ‘The history of medicine in seven objects’

Objects are important sources for medical historians. The online exhibition ‘The history of medicine in seven objects’ was made by RMA students and PhD candidates… read more

Upcoming HI Courses & Events

RMA Thematic course ‘Key Concepts in Cultural History’

Dr Willemijn Ruberg, Utrecht University

Cultural Historian’s Toolbox (PhD Core Course 2): ‘Wetenschappelijk Recenseren’

Prof. Floris Cohen, Utrecht University

RMA Thematic course: ‘Gender, Sexuality and Generation: history van geslacht op geslacht’

Prof. Geertje Mak, UvA

PhD Core Course 3: Huizinga PhD Conference at Dominicanenklooster Huissen

Propose an activity

Each year, the curriculum of the Huizinga Institute is enriched with several masterclasses and workshops. The Huizinga Institute relies on the input of its members – senior members, RMA students and PhD candidates – for designing and organising these events. We always welcome proposals and have funding available for selected plans. Proposed activities may take on different forms, such as a research seminar with (international) experts or a more practice-oriented workshop in the (work)field, and may be aimed at any subdiscipline in the broad cultural historical field.