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Huizinga Instituut

Netherlands Research School for Cultural History
The Huizinga Institute is the Dutch National Research School for Cultural History. We provide interuniversity education for PhD candidates and RMA students, and serve as a national forum for the discipline.

Cultural History News & Calls

Call: Applications for the NWO Synergy Award 2022 – DL: 5 November

  [English below] Oproep aan alle promovendi in de Sociale en Geesteswetenschappen: ben jij klaar om een impact te maken op de maatschappij? Impact doet… read more

CfP: MNL Fellowship 2021 – DL: 15 December

  MNL-fellowships 2021 – Oproep voor voorstellen De Maatschappij der Nederlandse Letterkunde, gevestigd te Leiden, werd in 1766 opgericht als een vereniging van letterkundigen, taalkundigen… read more

Vacancy: Postdoctoral Researcher ‘Impact of the English grain trade (1314-1815) in Northern Germany and the Baltic region’

Description The Economic and Social History group at Utrecht University is looking for an enthusiastic postdoctoral Researcher to investigate the impact of the English grain… read more

Vacancy: PhD Position NWO project ‘Building Peace: Transitional Justice in Early Modern France’ – DL: 8 November

  Job description Applications are invited for a fully funded, four-year PhD position within the research project “Building Peace: Transitional Justice in Early Modern France,”… read more

Workshop: ‘I said, they said… A historiography of Science Through Life Writings’ – 25 November

  Students from the Huizinga Institute are all invited to participate in the workshop by Descartes Fellow Neeraja Sankaran on Life Writings – see information below.… read more

Upcoming HI Courses & Events

Conference – Slavery in the Cultural Imagination Voices of Dissent in the Neerlandophone Space, 17th-21st Century

Huizinga/NICA Workshop ‘On Agency’

Dr Eve Kalyva, University of Amsterdam

PhD Core Course 3: Huizinga PhD Conference at Dominicanenklooster Huissen

Cultural Historians Toolbox (PhD Core Course 2): Material & Visual Culture

Prof. Ann-Sophie Lehmann, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

RMA Thematic course ‘Key Concepts in Cultural History’

Dr Willemijn Ruberg, Utrecht University

Propose an activity

Each year, the curriculum of the Huizinga Institute is enriched with several masterclasses and workshops. The Huizinga Institute relies on the input of its members – senior members, RMA students and PhD candidates – for designing and organising these events. We always welcome proposals and have funding available for selected plans. Proposed activities may take on different forms, such as a research seminar with (international) experts or a more practice-oriented workshop in the (work)field, and may be aimed at any subdiscipline in the broad cultural historical field.