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PhD Posters


The History of Architectural Conservation in Indonesia Since 1945

Judicial Violence in the 17th and 18th Century Batavia; A Study of the History of Torture and Executions in the Colony

Baseball, Belonging, and Representation in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, 1950s-present

Messages in a Syringe: Vaccination Risk Communication and Local Responses in the Philippines during the American Colonial Period

Mining the Dutch Attitude towards Animals and Plants (1500-2000)

Erasmus motivator: the Colloquia as didactic-pedagogical instrument

Memorise: Virtualisation and Multimodal Exploration of Heritage on Nazi Persecution

The Re-invention of Written Frisian

Waste Not, Want Not: How Victorian techno-scientific discourses of waste entered the home

Soy Cycles: An Environmental History of Soybeans across the Atlantic Ocean (1950s-present)

New medicines and ethics in colonial Southeast Asia

Bugging Bugs: human-insect relations in the Netherlands, 1650-1900

When silence is no longer an option. The narratives of descendants of collaborators from Belgium and the Netherlands about their family’s war past.

A league of their own: women diplomats in the League of Nations’ fight against sex trafficking (1921-1945)

Displays of Desire: Imagineering Consumption in Comedies of the Low Countries (1650-1725)

Dutch East Indies Information Network in the Period of Transition 1799-1830

Smellbound: The Poetics of Olfaction in Early Modern Poetry

Traces of Indonesian Resistance and Identity in Dutch Literature (1860-1949): A Double Postcolonial Perspective

Children’s Upbringing in Islamic Institutions in Colonial/Postcolonial Indonesia (1808-1984)

Reading for Change. Literature and politics during the Dutch age of revolutions 1789 – 1830

Literary mockery in the Dutch Republic: Aesthetics and political meaning of early modern Dutch humour texts