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Dr Wieke Vink

“Surinam Jews. Creolisation and group-identities in a global environment, 1800-2000” Supervised by Prof. Alex van Stipriaan Luïscius

Katrien Vanagt

“Troubled Eyes: an Interdisciplinary Study of Ophthalmological Knowledge and Practice in the Early Modern Netherlands” Supervised by Prof. Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis

Dr Piebe Teeboom

“The Reception of the New Deal from a Comparative European Perspective, 1932 – 1940: European Social Policy Experts and their Transatlantic Networks” Supervised by Prof. Niek van Sas

Prof. Ismee Tames

“Het Nederlandse politiek-culturele debat over Duitsland in de Eerste Wereldoorlog” Supervised by Prof. Ton Nijhuis and Prof. Frits Boterman