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Dr Tular Sudarmadi

“Cultural Heritage on Flores, Indonesia: research and management” Supervised by Prof. Susan Legêne

Dr Eelco Nagelsmit

“Religieus patronage in zeventiende-eeuws Brussel: kunst en architectuur als ‘agent of change’” Supervised by Prof. Caroline van Eck and Prof. Maarten Delbeke

Dr Johannes Müller

“Exile memories and the reinvention of the Netherlands, 1566-1700” Supervised by Prof. Judith Pollmann

Dr Marije Hristova

“Scenes of memory. Spanish discourses on the Yugoslav wars of dissolution (1990 – 2007)” Supervised by Prof. Georgi Verbeeck

Dr Astrid Elbers

“Jan Hendrik Oort and the rise of radio astronomy in the Netherlands” Supervised by Prof. Frans van Lunteren