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Dr Lisanna Walma

“Debating Crime and Drugs: The United States as a Reference Model for Dutch Concepts and Practices, 1890- 1990” Supervised by Prof. Toine Pieters

Dr Lina Weber

“Trust and Dependency. British and Dutch discourses on Public Credit in the Eighteenth Century” Supervised by Prof. Wyger Velema

Dr Ruben Verwaal

“Vital Matters: Boerhaave’s Chemico-Medical Legacy and Dutch Enlightenment Culture” Supervised by Prof. Raingard Esser and Dr Rina Knoeff

Dr Jesper Verhoef

“Mediating America: Dutch public discourses on mass media and America, 1890-1990” Supervised by Prof. Joris van Eijnatten and Dr Jaap Verheul

Dr Devin Vartija

“The Colour of Equality: Racial Classification and Natural Equality in Enlightenment Thought” Supervised by Prof. Siep Stuurman