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Dr Berrie van der Molen

“Drugs and public perception in The Netherlands. The regulatory imperative, drug use and governmentality in the public debate since 1945” Supervised by Prof. Toine Pieters and Prof. James Kennedy

Dr Tim van Gerven

“Scandinavism: overlapping and competing identities in the Nordic world” Supervised by Prof. Joep Leerssen

Dr Rena Bood

“Hispanophobia and Hispanophilia in England and the Netherlands. 1620-1700” Supervised by Prof. Joep Leerssen and Dr Yolanda Rodríguez Pérez

Dr Jacolien Wubs

“To Proclaim, to Instruct and to Discipline. The Visuality of Texts in Calvinist Churches in the Dutch Republic” Supervised by Prof. Raingard Esser and Dr Justin Kroesen

Dr Jos de Weerd

“The Veluwe reformed. Regional power shift and religious change in the sixteenth century” Supervised by Prof. Fred van Lieburg and Prof. Koen Goudriaan