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Building on an impressive history: The PhD/ReMa Council congratulates the Huizinga Institute


The PhD/ReMa Council happily congratulates the Huizinga Institute with its 25th anniversary! The seven of us agree that all members of the Institute should be proud of what has been accomplished in the past two-and-a-half decades. That goes for the earliest, now greying affiliates of our community, as well as for all members who have fulfilled administrative roles over the years. But it equally applies to our youngest members, PhD candidates and Research master students, many of whom – it’s a sad reality – tend to merely ‘pass through’. In the next couple of years, we hope to build on the impressive history of the Huizinga Institute, by celebrating the diversity it harbours and by encouraging the engagement of its members. With a healthy dose of enthusiasm and commitment from all of us, let’s see if we can make the next 25 years even better!

Nathanje Dijkstra (PhD, UU)

Marie van Haaster (ReMa, RU)

Alie Lassche (PhD, UL)

Manuel Llano (PhD, UU)

Marleen Reichgelt (PhD, RU)

Eliza Spakman (ReMa, RUG)

Jon Verriet (PhD, RU)