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PhD Core Course 3: Huizinga PhD Conference

The two-day Huizinga PhD conference takes place on 17 & 18 April 2023 at Utrecht University’s Academiegebouw (online participation possible as well). 8 PhD members will present part of their research project. Their talks will be discussed by co-referents (who have been invited by the candidates themselves) and the audience.

Furthermore, we have two interesting activities scheduled. On 17 April, Sarah Dresden (Radboud in’to Languages) gives a workshop ‘Pitching your Research’. On 18 April, we organise the roundtable discussion ‘How to Publish your PhD thesis?’

Attending as an auditor

PhD candidates and RMA students who are a member of the Huizinga Institute are more than welcome to join the conference. Joining the conference as an auditor offers a great opportunity to find out more about the current research of our PhDs and to (re)connect with the Huizinga community.  RMA students have the possibility to obtain 1 EC by attending both days and writing a short report on the conference.

Register for one or both days via the form below. 


Monday 17 April 2023

Academiegebouw Utrecht University, Kanunnikenzaal

Chair: Dr. Yolanda Rodríguez Pérez

 10:15                   Welcome and introduction

10:30                   Theo Dekker (UL)
Knowledge and Understanding: Chronicling Cultural Change in the Early Modern Low Countries (1500-1850)
Referent: Prof. Karel Davids (VU)

11:30                   Marieke Dwarswaard (RUG)
Jan Evert Scholten – A city marketeer avant la lettre
Referent: Dr Jeroen Koch (UU)

12:30                   Lunch at the Huiskamer (Faculty Club)

13:30                   Workshop Pitching your Research
Sarah Dresden (Radboud in’to Languages)

14.30                   Edurne De Wilde (UL)
New beginnings: Anchoring innovation in Francis Bacon
Referent: Dr Camille Creyghton (UU)

15:30                   Coffee and tea

15:45                   Stefan Reyes (VU)
Emotional Conflict in Seventeenth & Eighteenth Century Seafarers
Referent: Dr Elwin Hofman (UU)

16:45                   Kerrewin van Blanken (UvA)
Propaganda and diplomacy in early modern Europe
Referent: Prof. Jason Peacey (University College London)

17:45                   Drinks (Kanunnikenzaal) and dinner at the Faculty Club


Tuesday 18 April 2023

Academiegebouw Utrecht University, Belle van Zuylenzaal

 Chair: Anna de Bruyn MA

10.15                   Opening by PhD-ReMa council

10:30                   Nick Tomberge (UL)
Een evocatie van onze koloniën voor het Westersch oog’: Louis Couperus’ esthetiserende blik vanuit de auto [in Dutch]
Referent: Dr Marijke Denger (Universität Bern & Universiteit Leiden)

11:30                   Annelies Abelmann (RUG)
“Een heilige man in de hemel”: de visualisatie van religieuze identiteit in en rond de Willibrorduskerk in Vierakker na 1870 [in Dutch]
Referent: Dr Jaap Geraerts (Leibniz Institut Mainz)

12:30                  Lunch at the Huiskamer (Faculty Club)

13:30                   Roundtable session ‘Publishing your PhD Thesis

Chair: Edurne De Wilde (UL). Discussants: Alessandra Giliberto (Acquisitions Editor Brill Academic Publishers), Laura van Hasselt (UvA), Steije Hofhuis (UU), Inge Klompmakers (Commissioning Editor Amsterdam University Press), Eva Pool (Acquisitions editor Uitgeverij Verloren), Jeroen Sondervan (Open Access Publishing Consultant UU).

What is the best strategy for publishing your PhD thesis and how can you make it happen? The question is easier asked than answered. Partly this has to do with the nature of the genre: originally written as proof of scholarly competence, the PhD thesis does not always make a successful book. Partly, however, it is also a question of subject matter and approach. In this round table we will discuss publication strategies in cultural history at large, exploring relevant questions about aims, practices and timing, such as: What readership, exactly, should you try to address? How do you approach a publisher or series editor? And also on a more strategic level: how could publishing your thesis contribute to shaping your future career? Do you need to be pragmatic and swift, or is it better to revise and rewrite before submitting to a more selective publisher? The round table will include former PhD candidates, professional publishers, and academic editors.

14:30                   Oeds van Middelkoop (UvA)
Reading comprehension, citizenship and research skills of pre-university level students exploring literary historical texts
Referent: Prof. Sander Bax (Tilburg University)

15:30                   Closing remarks & drinks (Belle van Zuylenzaal)


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