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Cultural Historians Toolbox (PhD Core Course 2): Material & Visual Culture


This hands-on, interactive course for PhD candidates (also open to RMA students) consists of 3 sessions and focuses on material objects as sources for cultural/historical research. We discuss key theoretical concepts of working with material objects and engage in some hands-on work. Each session highlights a particular theme and related methodologies:

(1) Life of Things: Object Biography as Conceptual Approach

(2) Caring and Making: Conservation and Reconstruction of Objects and Practices

(3) Contested Objects: Politics of Ownership

Learning objectives:

  • How and why material objects can be used as relevant research sources
  • Insight into the types of knowledge connected to Visual & Material Culture, including tacit knowledge, sensory knowledge, as well as the political, social, economic dimensions of objects.
  • Gaining (limited) experience in hands-on object research
  • Understanding how you can use material objects, and results from reconstruction and conservation research in your personal research

More information soon.