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Cultural Historian’s Toolbox (PhD Core Course 2): Oral History and Memory Culture


This hands-on, interactive course for PhD candidates (also open to RMA students) consists of 3 sessions. Besides practicing with preparing, conducting and reflecting on an interview, we discuss key theoretical notions on working with oral sources.

Each session needs to be prepared by reading 1-3 reader texts and by a short assignment such as analyzing particular interview fragments or searching for interesting interview examples online. Prior to the 3rd session, participants need to conduct an interview.

Learning objectives:

  • Insight into the history of Oral History and the place of Oral History within the broader field of Memory Studies.
  • Insight into the types of knowledge are connected to Oral History (both as sa source and method). We will investigate a number of concepts and approaches, such as memory culture; co-creation; performance/ self-fashioning; narrativity; representation; significant silences.
  • Gaining (limited) experience in conducting interviews.
  • Gaining knowledge of the background and possibilities of the re-use of interviews, and the possible consequences for your own research.

After registration, you are asked to send in a brief motivation (in written text or as a video): how will or could interviews be part of your research?

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