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PhD Core Course 3: Huizinga PhD Conference at Dominicanenklooster Huissen

On Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 November 2022 the two-day Huizinga PhD conference will take place at the Dominicanenklooster in Huissen. PhD members will present part of their research project. Their talks will be discussed by co-referents (who have been invited by the candidates themselves) and the audience.



Speakers in this edition are Marleen van den Berg, Lara Bergers, Irene Geerts, Rosa de Jong, Alie Lassche, Stefan Reyes, Koen Scholten, and Antonia Weiss.


Attending as an auditor

PhD candidates and RMA students who are a member of the Huizinga Institute are invited to join the conference. Joining the conference as an auditor offers a great opportunity to find out more about the current research of our PhD community.  RMA students have the possibility to obtain 1 EC by writing a short report on the conference.



Monday 7 November 2022
Chair: Prof. Arnoud Visser

 13:00   Welcome and introduction

13:15   Rosa de Jong (University of Amsterdam)
At sea: Dutch-speaking Holocaust refugees aboard neutral ships towards the Caribbean
Referent: Dr Geraldien von Frijtag Drabbe Künzel

14:15   Marleen van den Berg (University of Amsterdam/NIOD)
Coming home and making home: the return of Jews in Rotterdam
Referent: Dr Geraldien von Frijtag Drabbe Künzel

15:15   Coffee and tea

15:30   Workshop by Prof. Harald Hendrix: Dealing with questions

16.30   Antonia Weiss (University of Amsterdam)
Going astray: gender, class, and mobility in Berlin’s Tiergarten and Amsterdam’s Plantage, c. 1680-1830
Referent: Prof. Jan Hein Furnée

17:30   Drinks and dinner


Tuesday 8 November 2022
Chair: Iris van der Zande MA

10.00   Opening by PhD-ReMa council

10:15   Irene Geerts (Open University)
It’s all in the family: the awakening of the Dutch family movement in mental health in the early 1980s
Referent: Prof. Jan-Willem Duyvendak

11.15   Alie Lassche (Utrecht University)
Reconstructing the early modern mediascape: a computer-assisted approach to source detection in chronicles from the Netherlands (1550-1850)
Referent: Dr Helmer Helmers

12:15   Lunch

13:30   Roundtable session
Towards the next step in your career

 Discussants: Bob Pierik (Vrije Universiteit), Michel van Duijnen (Ministerie SZW), Didi van Trijp (Museon), Willemijn van Noord (Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen)

As a PhD candidate, exploring career options can be an overwhelming challenge. You know about candidates who have found positions in universities, research institutes, governments, museums, and non-profit organizations and are inspired by their achievements. You would like to follow a similar path, but where do you start? In this roundtable, we will discuss possible career possibilities as a cultural historian and explore questions about orientation, job opportunities, and networking, such as: What can I do to increase my chances in getting a research position? What are my options outside of academia? How do I approach interesting employers? How can I use my research skills for non-academic purposes? And more broadly: How do I find a job that fits my qualities and needs? The roundtable will include former PhD candidates who now work both in- and outside of academia. Based on their experiences, they will share strategies and tips to help you take the next steps in your career.

14:30   Lara Bergers (Utrecht University)

Relating (to) Victims and Perpetrators: Dutch Forensic-scientific, policing and judicial practices  surrounding sexual violence, 1930-1980
Referent: Dr Elwin Hofman

15.30                   Drinks




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