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PhD-workshop ‘Taking Stock: Gains, Losses and Helpful Coordinates for the Covid19-Context’ by Dr Anna Thomas Tijsseling

No matter your specific experiences with 2020, quite likely they this year did not meet your expectations. You have been pleasantly surprised by some of the consequences, e.g. being able to attend that conference that otherwise would not have fitted into your schedule or budget. You may mourn losing vital parts of academic life due to remote working and physical distancing. How is it done again, er… socializing… convening… in the rare occasions that we gather face-to-face? Time to take stock: what have been your gains and losses this year? And how do these inform you about the coordinates to will help you navigate your academic endeavours in 2021?


Learning Objectives
Doing a PhD project in unprecedented times requires taking stock to support you to articulate your specific blend of needs for 2021. No worries: your needs are not delivery assignments. They simply help clarify what you need to proceed in your academic career next year. No matter what the context, a PhD project was always going to be about transitioning towards a new stage in life. It was always already a liminal phase of not-knowing-yet and figuring-out-as-you-go. You know you’re no student any longer. And how you’ll enter the academic field after obtaining your academic ‘driver’s license’ is also an unknown still. In these Covid19-times, these uncertainties are amplified by whole societies finding themselves in a liminal phase. This workshop is oriented upon cultivating a helpful posture towards the unknown, on how to best navigate your specific path in 2021.


You will enhance your self-knowledge by articulating what is specifically helpful for you in these Covid19-times and what has been costing you energy. You’ll learn how you’ve been stopping/starting yourself in this context in terms of prospering. You’ll learn to reflect in a mild and empathic manner.


You will learn to recognize how you both approach and avoid ‘the unknown’. You will open up to explore what your ‘escape routes’ are in taking full responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions.


You will learn how to enhance the quality of your presence, how to guide and ‘organize yourself’ to such an extent that you have access to your creativity, playfulness and energy in unnerving and uncertain situations.


You will feel motivated to embark upon adventure, while cultivating mildness and self-empathy.


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