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RMA Thematic course ‘Key Concepts in Cultural History’

This course is meant to help (post)graduate students grasp the position of cultural history as a field in the humanities/social sciences. The course will offer an overview of the main concepts and theoretical approaches used in cultural history. Taking the approach of philosophy of science, it also includes attention to the application of several important theoretical perspectives, e.g. historical anthropology, postmodernism, postcolonialism, and Science and Technology Studies. Thus it underlines the importance of the cultural, linguistic, performative, bodily and material turns in (cultural) history. We will read theoretical texts and articles in which these theories are applied to themes from cultural history.

This course is primarily aimed at RMA students, but PhD candidates are welcome too. Each week one theoretical approach will be discussed, including essential concepts and criticism. Students will apply these theories and concepts to their own research projects if possible. Each session will last three hours: in the first part we will critically discuss the texts and the second part of the class will be devoted to exploring how students can work with these theories in their own research.

Course dates

  • Friday 14 November 2024, 13:15-17:00
  • Friday 21 November 2024, 13:15-17:00
  • Friday 28 November 2024, 13:15-17:00
  • Friday 5 December 2024, 13:15-17:00
  • Friday 12 December 2024, 13:15-17:00
  • Friday 19 December 2024, 13:15-17:00

Deadline final paper: 31 January 2025

Credits & Certificate

Certificates of participation and credits will be issued after the event. The event coordinator will decide whether the participant has fulfilled all requirements for the ECTS. Note: the certificate itself is not valid as ECTS, you need to validate it yourself at your local Graduate School.

Course registration new RMA students

RMA students who start in 2024-2025, but who are not yet registered with a National Research School by their local graduate school, can already enroll in our courses and activities. To secure your spot in this course, please enroll via the form below. In the remarks section, mention that you will start your RMA in September.

Registrations open early September