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Spring School ‘Historical Performance Studies’


Scholars of the medieval and early modern period encounter the concept of performance in various disciplines. This Spring School will not only focus on the traditional performing arts, but also on anthropological, sociological, and cultural conceptions of performance. Over the past decades, ever more research has been conducted into the performativity of social, political, and religious events and rituals, as well as their mediatisation. This Spring School will therefore pay attention to a wide range of performances in history, from political gatherings, religious rituals, and courtroom proceedings to theatre, concerts, and dance. It combines a focus on the medieval and early modern period with an interdisciplinary perspective, attending to the theoretical background of performance studies, its related concepts, and the more practical sides of it. The Spring School will enable participants to reflect on new methodological approaches, including digital humanities, the intertwinement of arts and science, and research through performance.

Registrations will open in due course