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Workshop ‘Outsmarting the Impostor: Cultural History & A Sense of Belonging in Academia’

Losing energy because of ruminating about your performance and future? Would you love to enjoy your PhD project of RMA more? Constantly comparing and ranking yourself to Others? Then this may just be the training for you:

  • Feeling we belong in academia starts with recognizing how we sabotage ourselves exactly;
  • Raise your awareness to shared patterns in self-defeating behavior;
  • Recognize your personal style in self-sabotage;
  • Learn how to ‘welcome everything’ that is alive in you;
  • Enhance your skillfulness in guiding yourself when you get lost (and you will…) in comparisons to Others.

Learning objectives
If we are not observant, academic dynamics can easily cultivate discontent within ourselves. Leading to subtle background noises of not being good/ fast/ brilliant/ excellent enough to [fill in the blank]. We easily find ourselves ranking and comparing, establishing whether we are better or worse off than the Other.

Since ranking and comparing takes away all the fun, these dynamics have a serious impact upon our willingness and availability for our core projects and tasks. This training is focused upon learning about shared and personal patterns of self-defeating dynamics within the field of Cultural History.

In this context, we learn about the concepts ‘true but not real’ and we are given an opportunity to investigate when we start ruminating over how we rank and compare to Others.

Everything we cannot stop doing is unfree. The learning objective of this training is to create choice and agency by learning to recognize our patterns and to investigate what we need to let go of these patterns of behavior.

By testing out five common patterns of self-defeating behavior, you will gain insight in your personal style in self-sabotage. You will learn to recognize your unhelpful thoughts and behavior more quickly and you will know how to be an empathic witness to your internal turmoil without it guiding your choices and behavior.

In this training you will learn what anchoring in the present moment is (bringing home our attention) and you will learn how to welcome/include everything that is alive non-judgmentally in order to position yourself towards your internal turmoil.

You will enhance your skillfulness in observing yourself non-judgmentally and guide yourself towards more spacious thoughts and behavior than the cramped ranking-and-comparing-version of yourself.

You will feel motivated to guide yourself mildly and more skillfully in addressing self-defeating behavior and thoughts as they arise throughout your day or week.


Unfortunately this workshop is fully booked, but please contact for a spot on the waiting list.


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This course is fully booked. For a spot on the waiting list, contact