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Desiree Krikken MA

PhD candidate


Area(s) of interest: Early Modern History, Environmental History, European History

Cohort/Start PhD: 2016-2017

“My plot, your plat, our inhabited landscape”

University of Groningen
Promotor(es): Prof. dr. Raingard Esser
Aanstelling: vanaf november 2016

The project “My plot, your plat, our inhabited landscape”, investigates the relationship between early modern people and the European physical landscape. It is concerned with the expression of the cognitive representation of land in early modern (printed) texts, in an era when rapid and substantial agrarian changes took hold of Europe. The intention of the research is to move away from traditional scholarly views of a dehumanized landscape as a background of transformation that lacks a social historical understanding. Instead I argue a landscape that is inhabited by people who actively engage with their physical space by recording it, redefining and eventually reconfiguring it as a socially mediated environment.