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Vittoria Caradonna MA

PhD candidate


Area(s) of interest: Heritage Studies, Museums & Collections, Urban History

Cohort/Start PhD: 2018-2019

“Purity is a Myth”: City and Museums Across Geographies of Unsafety

University of Amsterdam
Promotor(es): Prof. dr. Rob van der Laarse, Dr Chiara de Cesari,
Aanstelling: vanaf juni 2018

My research project explores the concept of city as archive of contested histories, and if and how curating heritage in the urban context can be mobilized to unsettle post-conflictual representations of the present and to counteract compulsive place-making and the enclosure of space typical of heritagization processes. I will observe how the museum and newer, temporary or grassroots initiatives differently engage with the museal form to exhibit and engender alternative visions of the urban. Finally, by mobilizing the notions of un/safety and refusal as epistemic lines, I will attempt to make visible uncomfortable intimacies between what is
remembered and what is forgotten, what is defined as heritage and what is not.