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Dr Floris Solleveld

“How the humanities turned scientific: Ideals and practices of scholarhip between Enlightenment and Romanticism” Supervised by Prof. Peter Rietbergen and Prof. Rens Bod

Dr Kasper van Kooten

“German opera’s quest for canonization in the light of nineteenth-century nationalist music discourse” Supervised by Prof. Joep Leerssen and Dr Krisztina Lajosi

Manon Wormsbecher

“Unity in Diversity’ and a European Concept of Equality beyond the Labour Market: the possibilities of establishing freedom, equality and justice for all” Supervised by Prof. Michael Wintle and Dr Lia Versteegh

Dr Tina van der Vlies

“Echoing Events. The perpetuation of national narratives in English and Dutch history textbooks, 1920 – 2010” Supervised by Prof. Maria Grever, Prof. Hester Dibbits and Dr Jacques Dane

Dr Bart Verheijen

“Nederland onder Napoleon. Partijstrijd en natievorming (1801-1813)” Supervised by Prof. Lotte Jensen and Prof. Remieg Aerts