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Dr Klaas Stutje

“Behind the Banner of Unity: Nationalism and anticolonialism among Indonesian students in Europe, 1917-1931” Supervised by Prof. Joep Leerssen and Dr Harry Poeze

Maloe Sniekers

“Dark tourism” Supervised by Prof. Marlite Halbertsma and Prof. Stijn Reijnders

Dr Jan Rotmans

“Enlightened Pessimism: Republican Decline in Dutch Revolutionary Thought, 1780-1800” Supervised by Prof. Niek van Sas

Dr Annemiek Romein

“The Use of Fatherland, Patria and Patriot in the Cases of Jülich, Hesse-Cassel and Brittany (1642-1655). Political arguments in an age of confrontation” Supervised by Prof. Robert von Friedeburg

Dr Annemiek Recourt

“Moralist van de ontrouw: Jan Greshoff (1888-1971)” Supervised by Prof. Ena Jansen and Prof. Lisa Kuitert