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Roelie Zwikker MA

Vincent van Gogh. De ingenieur University of Groningen Supervisors: prof. dr. J.W. Renders, dr. P. de Ruiter Start PhD: 1 July 2023

Jelena Beočanin MA

From Resistance to Pleasure and Back? Hip-hop and activism in postcolonial Rotterdam and Bristol Erasmus University Rotterdam Supervisors: Prof. dr. PT van de Laar (promotor), Prof. dr. PPL Berkers (promotor), Dr. Maarten van Dijck (daily supervisor) Start PhD: 1...

Riza Surya MA

Children’s Upbringing in Islamic Institutions in Colonial/Postcolonial Indonesia (1808-1984)  Radboud University Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Marit Monteiro (Radboud University), Prof. Dr. Martijn Eickoff (NIOD), Dr. Agus Suwignyo (UGM) Start PhD: 2023 Whereas...