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Dissertation – Annemieke Romein (Erasmus University)

On 7 January 2016, historian Annemieke Romein will defend her dissertation, entitled:

The Use of Fatherland, Patria and Patriot in the Cases of Jülich, Hesse-Cassel and Brittany (1642-1655)

Date: 7 January 2016
Time: 9:30
Location: Woudestein, Senaatszaal, Erasmus Building, Rotterdam
Supervisor: Prof. R.C.F. von Friedeburg

The last years, under the supervision of Professor Robert von Friedeburg, Romein has been studying the use of ‘fatherland’ terminology within the higher ranks of society in early modern times. Everyone who is interested is invited to attend the ceremony.

In her research, Romein studied the use of the terms ‘fatherland’, ‘patria’, ‘patriot’ and ‘natio’ by the nobility of two small and homogeneous areas: Jülich, Hessen-Kassel and one large heterogeneous province: Brittany. She argues that ‘fatherland terminology’ was deployed by the nobility to criticise the royal war politics and taxes in times of crises, which often entailed a violation of the nobility’s privileges. By uttering criticism via pamphlets or lawsuits, the nobility meant to defend their position and prevent the installment of a absolute government that would drastically limit the nobility’s political influence.

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