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The Huizinga Institute Alumni Guide 1995-2020

We proudly present The Huizinga Instituut Alumni Guide 1995-2020, produced on the occasion the silver jubilee of the Huizinga Institute. As an anniversary gift, each of our members will receive a copy of our Alumni Guide.

Since its start as a national research school in 1995 the Institute has become a vibrant platform for collaboration between cultural historians of diverse backgrounds and affiliations. The heart of the institute has always been formed by the annual groups of PhD candidates.

In this Guide all members of the past two-and-a-half decades are presented together for the first time. You will also find columns and interviews featuring members from across our community. Documenting the intergenerational richness of our community the Guide may help, we hope, to strengthen future interaction and collaboration.

The Guide has been edited with tireless energy and enthusiasm by Koen Theunissen, RMA student assistant of our Institute. The design is by Jasmijn de Boer.