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Early-modern political thought, does it really exist? A Graduate Seminar with Professor Conal Condren (Friday, September 6, 2013, EUR)

Early-modern political thought, does it really exist? A Graduate Seminar with Professor Conal Condren ǀ Friday, September 6, 2013, 11.00-13.00, Erasmus University Rotterdam, T3-01

The Seminar History of Political Ideas in collaboration with the NWO project Faultline 1700 is pleased to announce a graduate seminar with Professor Conal Condren (New South Wales), to be held at Erasmus University Rotterdam, on September 6, 2013. We welcome all PhD candidates and advanced research master students interested in intellectual history and political thought to participate.

Professor Condren works both as a political philosopher and intellectual historian. Chronologically his work has ranged from the 14th to the 18th centuries and within this period he has concentrated mainly on persons and problems seen as raising broader issues. He has developed his own approach to the nature and study of intellectual history requiring the integration of materials beyond the boundaries of “politics” or “theory” and the layering of different types of context.

He has written and edited many books, including: The Status and Appraisal of Classic Texts: An Essay on Political Theory, its Inheritance and on The History of Ideas (Princeton, 1985); The Language of Politics in Seventeenth-Century England (London, 1994); Argument and Authority in Early Modern England :The Presupposition of Oaths and Offices (Cambridge, 2006); (with Stephen Gaukroger and Ian Hunter) The Philosopher in Early Modern Europe: The Nature of a Contested Identity (Cambridge, 2006); and with (David Armitage and Andrew Fitzmaurice), Shakespeare and the History of Early Modern Political Thought(Cambridge University Press, 2009).

Following a short introduction by Professor Condren, we will have a round-table session in which we will analyse, debate and explore the many theoretical and practical challenges pertaining to the study of the history of (political) ideas.

Hope to see you friday 6 September at 11:00 at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in T03-01!

René Koekkoek (UvU) – Frank Daudeij (EUR)


Assigned reading:

C. Condren, Argument and Authority in Early Modern England (Cambridge UP 2006), Introduction – pp. 1 – 12. Part I Chapter 1: An Overview – pp. 15 – 35. Part II Chapter 7: The cases of patriot and counsellor – pp. 149 – 171. Part III Chapter 14: Engagement with a free state – pp. 290 – 313. Epilogue, pp. 343 – 352.

C. Condren, ‘Reason of State and Sovereignty in Early Moddern England: A Question of Ideology?’ in: Parergon, volume 28, 2, (2011) pp. 5 – 27.

If you would like to attend, please send an email to The texts in pdf-format will be distributed on request.

For those who are interested, on Thursday 5 September, Professor Condren will give a lecture ‘The Genealogy of Human Rights: Some Problems of Historical Continuity’ at 15:00 (Rotterdam City Library, Hoogstraat 110, Erasmuszaal, floor 3). For more information: