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Postponed: Huizinga PhD conference – 30 & 31 March 2020, Dominicanenklooster Huissen

Date: 30 & 31 March 2020
Venue: Dominicanenklooster Huissen
Open to: PhD candidates and RMA-students (exclusive for Huizinga members)
ECTS, only for PhD candidates: 3 (with presentation), 1 (auditor)

Registration: Huizinga staff members, ReMa students and PhD candidates of all years are more than welcome to join this conference as auditors. Register here

Third-year PhD candidates who are members of the Huizinga Instituut present (a part of) their research at this conference. Their talks will be discussed by co-referents (who have been invited by the candidates themselves) and the audience.



Monday 30 March 2020

Chair: Prof. dr. Arnoud Visser


10:15                    Welcome and introduction

10:30                    Workshop by Griet Coupé

                                How to give Effective Feedback

 11:30                    Sam de Schutter (Leiden University)
‘From a liability into an asset’: Transnational entanglements of disability and development in Tanzania, 1940s-1980s
Referent: Dr. Walter Nkwi Gam (UL)

12:30                    Lunch

13:45                    Larissa Schulte Nordholt (Leiden University)
What Is an African Historian? Negotiating Scholarly Personae in UNESCO’S General History of Africa
Referent: Dr. Walter Nkwi Gam (UL)

14:45                    Ayşenur Korkmaz (University of Amsterdam)
‘Sacred’ Journeys ‘Sacred’ Destinations: Ottoman-Armenian Roots Tourism in Eastern Turkey
Referent: prof. dr. Irene Stengs (VU)

15:45                    Coffee and tea

16:00                    Paul Hulsenboom (Radboud University)
Danzig Poets on Dutch Politics: The Place and Function of ‘Dutch’ Topics in Seventeenth-Century Poetry from Danzig
Referent: dr. Dirk van Miert (UU)

17:00                    Cora van de Poppe (Utrecht University)
Reader Management in P.C. Hooft’s Prose: Material and Linguistic Approaches
Referent: Prof. dr. Johan Koppenol (VU)

18:00                    Drinks and dinner


Tuesday 31 March 2020

                                Chair: Fons Meijer MA

 10:15                    Desiree Krikken (University of Groningen)
How to observe the landscape? The consolidation of a rhetoric of utility in early modern land surveying texts
Referent: TBA

11:15                   Frank Birkenholz (University of Groningen)
A ferocious paper consumer: the VOC’s acquisition and distribution of paper
Referent: TBA

12:15                    Lunch

13:45                    Renske Hoff (University of Groningen)
Transformative reading: the dynamic connection between early printed Bibles (1522-1546) and their readers
Referent: prof. dr. August den Hollander (VU)

14:45                    Didi van Trijp (Leiden University)
Marcus Élieser Bloch’s Fish Collection and the Politics of Preservation in Eighteenth-Century Europe
Referent: prof. dr. Wijnand Mijnhardt (UU)

15:45                    Coffee and tea

16:00                    Berrie van der Molen (Utrecht University)
Talking XTC: Tracing the discursive formation of ecstasy in current affairs programs on Radio 1
Referent: Dr. Alec Badenoch (UU)

17:00                    Anne van Veen (Utrecht University)
E is for Ethics? The Formation of Animal Experimental Committees in the Netherlands
Referent: Dr. Frans Stafleu (UU)

18:00                    Drinks