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Marloes Hoencamp MSc

PhD candidate

Area(s) of interest: Educational Studies & Public History, History of Knowledge

Cohort/Start PhD: 2019-2020

The formation of persons in the theories of Kohnstamm and Langeveld (Persoonsvorming in de pedagogiek van Kohnstamm en Langeveld)

Vrije Universiteit
Promotor(es): Prof.dr. D.J. de Ruyter, Dr. J. Exalto, Prof.dr. A. de Muynck
Aanstelling: vanaf augustus 2017

Concised summary: The research is a study in the history of education. It aims to analyse and compare the concept of ‘forming a person’ in the works of Philipp Abraham Kohnstamm (1875-1951) and Martinus Jan Langeveld (1905-1989). These two professors were, respectively before and after the Second World War, leading figures in both academic pedagogy as well as the pedagogical professional practice. The formation of persons is the founding idea in the theories of Kohnstamm and Langeveld. At first glance, it is possible to recognize the influence of (his teacher) Kohnstamm in the theory of Langeveld. This does not mean, however, that Langeveld’s theory is a continuation of the theory of Kohnstamm. In addition to an analysis of the educational aim of forming a person, the role of the formation of conscience will be examined. It is also essential to investigate the influence of personalism and phenomenology on their views of the formation of persons. At last, the role of the school in the formation of persons will be examined. With the analysis of the concept ‘forming a person’ and related topics, the research contributes to the recent and renewed dialogue about the relevance of the formation of persons in upbringing and schools.