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Nick Tomberge MA

PhD candidate


Area(s) of interest: Asian History, Colonialism & Postcolonialism, Dutch History, Modern & Contemporary History, Tourism & Travel

Cohort/Start PhD: 2019-2020

Tourists in the Colony: Dutch Travelers in the Indies 1870-1945

Leiden University
Project: Vidi research project ‘Voicing the Colony. Travelers in the Dutch East Indies, 1800-1945’ (2020-2025)
Promotor(es): prof. dr. Olf Praamstra, dr. Rick Honings
Aanstelling: vanaf januari 2020

My PhD research forms part of the Vidi research project Voicing the Colony. Travelers in the Dutch East Indies, 1800-1945 (2020-2025), directed by dr. Rick Honings. This Vidi project studies Dutch and Indigenous travel texts about the Dutch East Indies from a postcolonial perspective. My research is focused on Dutch accounts of tourist trips in the Indies between 1870 and 1945. Main questions are: How were the colony and the colonial system represented and what political function did travel writing fulfill? By answering those questions I hope to reconstruct the development of the Dutch colonial ideology from 1870 until Indonesian Independence in 1945.