Summer School 2018 – Genius and Madness: A Cultural History

Date and Time: First Meeting on 25 May 2018, Summer School Week, 18-22 June 2018
Venue: University of Amsterdam
Open to: RMa-students and PhD researchers from the Huizinga Institute and other national research schools
Credits: 5 ECTS (available upon request)
Coordination: Dr Babette Hellemans and Prof. Hubertus Büschel (RUG)
Registration (Maximum participants in this event: 25)
Register before 1 April 2018

The Summer School seeks to pick up assumptions on genius, madness and creativity in a diachronical and interdisciplinary way. Key themes around cultural translations of madness and geniality will be discussed. We will follow transdisciplinary approaches inspired by musicology, art history, film studies, cultural history, anthropology and psychology.

Details regarding the programme, readings and assignments will be available at the end of January.