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History of Emotions

The research network for the History of Emotions (HoE) is dedicated to the burgeoning field of the history of emotions. Despite a lengthy prehistory – featuring none less than Johan Huizinga, the ‘patron saint’ of this Institute – it is undeniable that it is only over the last decade that the history of emotions has developed into a fully-fledged subfield of history, both internationally and locally. This network aims to sustain this development by facilitating and fostering the exchange and cooperation between emotions historians of all career stages in the Low Countries.

Goals of our Research Network
to strengthen the field of emotions history at universities and institutes in the Low Countries in the various disciplines related to cultural history

to encourage a conversation between established and early career researchers about theories and methods of the history of emotions (including computational methods)

to explore possible convergences with sensory historians within the newly developing field of the history of experience, and to foster interdisciplinary exchange within emotions studies

to bring together the fragmented knowledge about the history of emotions in the Low Countries in order to enhance our joint contribution to international debates

In order to do so, we will organise lectures, masterclasses and workshops and circulate information about upcoming (inter)national symposia and conferences organised elsewhere. Please find links to our own and other upcoming activities below.


Previous activities

Overview emotions History research projects in the Low Countries (will be added soon)

Zotero bibliography for the history of emotions (will be added soon)

Contact persons
Anneleen Arnout (Radboud University)
Kornee van der Haven (Universiteit Gent)
Erika Kuijpers (Vrije Universiteit / ACCESS)
Iris van der Zande (Open Universiteit)

In cooperation with ACCESS