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Women’s Writing in History

This research network brings together scholars studying female authors active before ca. 1900 in Europe and the Atlantic World. We focus on conceptualizations and representations of female authorship, women’s historical position in the literary field (both as a group and individually), their publications (both printed and manuscript), and their reception.

Women’s Writing in History seeks to foster intellectual exchange among its members and to create possibilities for junior scholars to learn from (international) experts in the field. The network especially encourages collaborative efforts in collecting data and expertise, and seeks to create shared digital infrastructure to enable this.

The network is linked to the DARIAH Working Group Women Writers in History

Every year, there will be at least one work-in-progress meeting with members of the research network and other interested colleagues, and one masterclass with an (international) expert in the field.

Coordinators of this research network are: Lieke van Deinsen (KU Leuven), Feike Dietz (UvA), Nina Geerdink (UU), Alicia Montoya (RU).


Upcoming meetings

23 January 2024: Feedback session (1)

Tuesday 12 March 2024: ACSEM Seminar: New Scholarship on Historical Women’s Writing

Week of 13 May 2024: Feedback session (2)

Past meetings

4 november 2022: Start meeting

8 december 2022: Symposium RNW Women Writers in History: ‘Digital Approaches to Women’s Book Culture’

2 February 2023: Feedback session

12 May 2023: Feedback session

Friday 3 November 2023: Seminar Beyond Invisibility – The Quest for Historical Women in Sources and Archives